Dokumentar, Dyr • Storbritannia

The savannah of the Serengeti is one of the most unusual and amazing habitats on Earth: nowhere else can you encounter such a huge number of large land mammals. Nowhere else is the constant struggle for survival so spectacular.

Sesonger og episoder

Sesong 1
  • Sesong 1
  • Episode 1 - Destiny
    Dokumentar, Dyr, S1:E1

    In a time of plenty in the Serengeti, a series of unexpected events turns families against each other. Kali, a brave lioness and devoted mother of four cubs, has broken the golden rules of family life by having cubs with an outsider.

  • Episode 2 - Conflict
    Dokumentar, Dyr, S1:E2

    As the Serengeti starts to dry out, competition hots up between the families. The strong females take centre stage, dealing with wayward males and fighting for the survival of their kin. Plus, a new family has moved into the Serengeti: Kike a first-time cheetah mother with three tiny cubs in tow.

  • Episode 3 - Invasion
    Dokumentar, Dyr, S1:E3

    The incredible anticipation of the annual great migration is being felt by all of the Serengeti's families as they wait with desperation for it to arrive. The land continues to get hotter and hunger start to bite as food becomes ever more scarce for the predators.

  • Episode 4 - Misfortune
    Dokumentar, Dyr, S1:E4

    The long awaited arrival of the Great Migration brings opportunities and food in abundance but it also increases conflict as everyone of the Serengeti's families is put to the test. Lioness Kali is forced to make a difficult decision.

  • Episode 5 - Exodus
    Dokumentar, Dyr, S1:E5

    The dry season is now upon the animals of the Serengeti, the toughest of times for some but a food bonanza for others. The increasing drought turns the waterhole into a death trap for the herds, but for the lions it's a gift and Kali and her cubs are finally able to enjoy life back in the heart o...

  • Episode 6 - Rebirth
    Dokumentar, Dyr, S1:E6

    All around is a blackened smoking wasteland, the aftermath of the huge fire. Torrential rain brings hope and the land is reborn into a green paradise as water quenches the scorched earth. Mirroring the changes in the landscape, the cycle of death and rebirth comes to the fore as the Serengeti's e...