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Shake It Up!

5.0IMDb2010 • USA • Sesong 3, Episode 1

Cece and Rocky return to the Shake it Up, Chicago! studio, only to find it has been reduced to a smoldering ruin, due to an accidental fire. The show is put on indefinite hiatus, and, to make matters worse, it looks as though CeCe might be at fault for the blaze. Meanwhile, Gary, desperate for new work, takes a job at Crusty's, and Tinka mysteriously tries to befriend Rocky and CeCe. Will CeCe find a way to clear her name, or at least deceive the inspector, Jeremy Hunter, who has been assigned to investigate the cause of the fire? Or, having set up Jeremy and Georgia on a date, has she found a more duplicitous means of avoiding prison? Does Tinka have some ulterior motive, or is she just trying to be nice? Will Gary fit into his new role as host of a pizza parlor?

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Sesong 3
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