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Shake It Up!

5.0IMDb2010 • USA • Sesong 3, Episode 2

With the Shake It Up, Chicago's studio still in ruins, CeCe is having a hard time finding purpose in her life - that is, until she overhears an inspirational speech about finding one's spiritual side. Meanwhile, Rocky is pursued by a flirtatious 13-year-old, Flynn invites Jeremy to speak at his school for Career Day, leaving Georgia feeling insecure and jealous, and Deuce has fun drawing a mustache on Ty's face with magic marker. Will CeCe find genuine self-enlightenment, or has she just lost all sense of fashion? Will Rocky find a way to dissuade her persistent suitor? Will Georgia overcome her feelings of jealousy, or will she find a way to sabotage Flynn's career day? Will Ty get revenge on Deuce for his drawn-on mustache?

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Sesong 3
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