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Shake It Up!

5.0IMDb2010 • USA • Sesong 3, Episode 3

When Rocky shows signs of depression following the burning of the Shake It Up, Chicago set, CeCe signs them up for the school's spirit squad. Meanwhile, Deuce convinces Dina to befriend Tinka, who is still looking for a new friend, and Flynn attempts to befriend the boy next door. Will Rocky's extreme sense of ambition alienate her from the rest of the squad, or will she and CeCe learn true school spirit and find a way to succeed? Will Dina's new friendship with Tinka jeopardize her relationship with Deuce, or will the two lovers find a way to surmount the challenge it poses? Will Flynn succeed in convincing his new friend that he's serious about maintaining the friendship, or will he grow tired of the effort and find somebody new to play with?

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Sesong 3
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