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Shake It Up!

5.0IMDb2010 • USA • Sesong 3, Episode 7

Needing money, CeCe and Rocky apply to work at a fast food restaurant called Bob's Kebobs, managed by a studious teenager named Logan. Rocky quickly adapts to the demands of her new job, but CeCe gets into trouble almost immediately due to her terrible work ethic. Meanwhile, Georgia prepares a dinner to celebrate Jeremy's birthday, and Tinka helps Flynn to make the perfect birthday cake. Will CeCe find a way to reform her work habits, or will her time at Bob's Kebobs soon come to an end? Will Tinka succeed in making the perfect birthday cake, and will it be finished in time for the party? And what will Rocky and CeCe make of Jeremy's son, Little Scooter, who they are about to meet for the first time?

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Sesong 3
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