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Sesong 2
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  • Episode 1 - Lexington
    Dokumentar, Krim, S2:E1

    In 1994, football player Trent DiGiuro was gunned down by a sniper's bullet. For years the case went unsolved, until a former student came forward, and helped identify the killer.

  • Episode 2 - Anchorage
    Dokumentar, Krim, S2:E2

    In 1996, Mechele Hughes' soon-to-be husband was found murdered in Anchorage. Only an unexpected confession nine years later would reveal the truth about Kent's death.

  • Episode 4 - Tampa
    Dokumentar, Krim, S2:E4

    When bartender Sandee Rozzo was killed, police suspected personal trainer Tracey Humphrey as the culprit. They asked one of his clients to wear a wire, and discovered the truth.

  • Episode 5 - Cleveland
    Dokumentar, Krim, S2:E5

    The unexpected death of Rose Marie Essa baffled doctors, her autopsy revealing nothing. But when her husband suddenly goes missing, the truth behind her death is revealed.

  • Episode 6 - Key West
    Dokumentar, Krim, S2:E6

    In 2006, a horticulturalist was found dead in his Key West residence. Investigators learn that the victim was murdered three days prior by a former tenant and possible lover.