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Swab Stories

When Jared Rosenthal asks `Who's your daddy?," he doesn't mean it rhetorically. He legitimately wants to help people who have questions about their biological makeup -- and he does so right in the middle of traffic. Rosenthal owns and operates a mobile DNA testing lab in New York, cruising from the hustle and bustle of downtown Manhattan to the scrappy projects of the Bronx. "Swab Stories" climbs aboard the no-frills RV, where Rosenthal's clients reveal astonishing personal information like "I think the man I'm dating might be my brother," and "I may have found my sperm donor father." Technician Ana Lopez, aka the Swabinator, collects customers' specimens, and then Jared delivers life-changing answers to unlock deeply held family secrets.
VG er en del av Schibsted. Schibsted er ansvarlig for dine data på denne siden.
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