Drama, Krim

The Code

7.4 IMDb2014 • 56 min

When Ned and Jesse publish a video of a mysterious accident in the outback involving two teenagers and a truck from a highly classified research facility, they face the weight of a political machine desperate to keep the truth off the front pages.

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Sesong 2
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  • Sesong 2
Sesong 2
  • Episode 1 - Episode #2.1
    Drama, Krim, S2:E1

    Jesse and Ned are faced with the possibility of being extradited to the US when the Australian National Security are confronted with an explosive case they can not crack.

  • Episode 2 - Episode #2.2
    Drama, Krim, S2:E2

    Kidnapped by Roth, Jesse and Hani disappear into the jungles of West Papua where Roth lays out his own offer: unlock a heavily encrypted file and get out alive.

  • Episode 3 - Episode #2.3
    Drama, Krim, S2:E3

    Jesse and Roth are forced to forge an unlikely alliance to save Remsey from false imprisonment and to find Callum; an undercover photojournalist is contacted by Ned to help find Jesse.

  • Episode 4 - Episode #2.4
    Drama, Krim, S2:E4

    Jesse is forced to lie to save himself and Hani's father, but he continues to work furiously to decrypt the files as a political rally turns ugly.

  • Episode 5 - Episode #2.5
    Drama, Krim, S2:E5

    Jessie needs to disarm the digital time bomb before it explodes but is torn by Roth wanting revenge after the death of his relative.

  • Episode 6 - Episode #2.6
    Drama, Krim, S2:E6

    Roth is ready to show the world what it feels like to be brutalized and powerless to stop it; with his shocking plan set in motion, Jesse must decide whether violent means can deliver peaceful ends.

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