The Famous Teddy Z

1989 • USA

Teddy Zakalokis, a lowly mailroom clerk at the Unlimited Talent Agency, finds himself abruptly representing a major Hollywood actor through a freakish bit of good luck. Since Teddy has absolutely no experience as an agent, his stroke of fortune rankles Al Floss, the abrasive agent who formerly represented Teddy's new client, and Laurie Parr, an ambitious mailroom colleague who is bitterly envious of Teddy. Away from the office, Teddy shares a home with his grandmother, Deena Zakalokis, who can't begin to grasp the nature of Teddy's new gig, and kid brother Aristotle, who thinks having an agent in the family is very cool.
VG er en del av Schibsted. Schibsted er ansvarlig for dine data på denne siden.
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