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The Killing

8.2IMDb2011 • USA

Vi følger tre forskjellige historier som alle er knyttet sammen gjennom et drap på en ung kvinne.

Sesonger og episoder

Sesong 4
  • Sesong 1
  • Sesong 2
  • Sesong 3
  • Sesong 4
Sesong 4
  • Episode 1 - Blood in the Water
    Krimdrama, S4:E1

    Holder and Linden start work on a new case where a quite wealthy family have been murdered. The only survivour attends an all-boys military academy and suspiscion instantly places him as a prime suspect. Lindon and Holder are struggle dealing with the final outcome of the last case.

  • Episode 2 - Unraveling
    Krimdrama, S4:E2

    The survivor of the shooting returns to the academy where he has to face his fellow cadets. Lindon and Holder investigate a mysterious man living in viewing distance of the murdered family revealing a few secrets about the perfect-looking family. Lindon and Holder run into further issues trying t...

  • Episode 3 - The Good Soldier
    Krimdrama, S4:E3

    Holder and Linden attend the Stanbury's funeral in an attempt that the girl who visisted Kyle would turn up. Reddick continues to investigate Skinner's disappearance putting more stress on both Linden and Holder. Holder has trouble coming to turns with the fact that he will be a father. We find o...

  • Episode 4 - Dream Baby Dream
    Krimdrama, S4:E4

    Holder acts aggressive in asking questions due to his recent drug relapse. Lincoln continues to "bully" Kyle in various ways at the academy. More is revealed about Kyle and his relationship with his mother. We learn more about Kyle's mother's sexual preferences. Reddick begins to close in on the ...

  • Episode 5 - Truth Asunder
    Krimdrama, S4:E5

    Reddick comes down harshly on Linden about about the Skinner matter although Linden tries to uphold that all the evidence is circumstantial. Linden finds out that Holder mentioned the event at an NA meeting. Conflict between Linden and Holder rises throughout the episode. We learn more about fami...

  • Episode 6 - Eden
    Krimdrama, S4:E6

    Holder prepares for his child with Caroline. The case of the Stanburys' murders is brought to an end with a series of unexpected events. Reddick finally points a finger at Linden resolving the Spinner case once and for all. An incite into Holder and Linden's lives in a few years time is given to ...

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