Reality, Romantikk

WAGS: Miami

2016 • USA

E! expands its `WAGS' franchise from the West Coast to the East Coast with this Miami-based instalment of the reality show that highlights the extravagant lifestyles and real-life drama experienced by the wives and girlfriends of star athletes. The featured ladies form a group to provide support - and some drama - for one another as they navigate the exclusive world of elite athletes. It's not always easy being part of the elite group, as there are rules that you need to learn when you're a WAG, including learning the WAG hierarchy, knowing how to support your man, and figuring out how to manuever and manipulate your way to the top of the food chain.

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Sesong 2
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Sesong 2
  • Episode 1 - Bride Wars
    Reality, Romantikk, S2:E1

    Ashley butts heads with her future mother-in-law, Phyllis. Two new married WAGS are brought into the group but take an instant dislike to one another. Claudia and her rival Ashley attend a big game where their men play against each other.

  • Episode 2 - Party Girl
    Reality, Romantikk, S2:E2

    Astrid and Claudia confront Darnell at her birthday bash, concerned that she's been going out and partying so much. Ashley wants to start planning her upcoming wedding, but gets derailed by Phil's trip to the Super Bowl.

  • Episode 3 - Dueling Matchmakers
    Reality, Romantikk, S2:E3

    Hencha goes ballistic when Faven sets up Astrid instead of her. Darnell realises that she needs to reprioritise her career. When Julius signs with a new team, Claudia gets concerned that his new teammates will be a bad influence on him.

  • Episode 4 - Hencha's Revenge
    Reality, Romantikk, S2:E4

    In the wake of their huge fight, Hencha gets revenge on Astrid. Ashley dreads breaking the news to her opinionated soon-to-be mother-in-law that they are having a destination wedding.

  • Episode 5 - LA Bachelorette Bound
    Reality, Romantikk, S2:E5

    Hencha's opinionated mother comes to town and pries into her dating life, offering unsolicited advice. Astrid hosts an anniversary party for her swimwear line where she finds out that Kayla has been acting two-faced.

  • Episode 6 - Double Ds
    Reality, Romantikk, S2:E6

    Ashley's bachelorette party continues, while Phil has his own night out. Darnell interviews a new athlete for her podcast and sparks fly. Claudia agrees to do a photo shoot for Astrid but cancels at the last minute.

  • Episode 7 - Hurricane Phyllis
    Reality, Romantikk, S2:E7

    Kayla admits to Faven that her marriage is on the rocks. Darnell finds out that Metisha used to date her new guy. Ashley and Phyllis get into a huge fight the day before her wedding when Phyllis makes a negative comment.

  • Episode 8 - My Best Friend's Wedding
    Reality, Romantikk, S2:E8

    In the season finale, Ashley and Phil finally tie the knot. Hencha confesses to Darnell that she thinks she might be pregnant. Tension between Kayla and Eric boils over, threatening to irreversibly damage their marriage.

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