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En svart far og ektemann prøver å skape en identitet for familien sin.

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Sesong 6
  • Episode 1 - Pops the Question
    Sitcom, S6:E1

    The twins are headed into eighth grade; Junior is out on his own managing social media for Migos; Pops reveals that he is getting married.

  • Episode 2 - Every Day I'm Struggling
    Sitcom, S6:E2

    When Rainbow and Dre realize Junior's been taking them for granted, they decide it's time to band together and cut him off for good; Jack discovers he has a very lucrative talent, but Ruby wants to use it for all the wrong reasons.

  • Episode 3 - Feminisn't
    Sitcom, S6:E3

    When Bow learns that Diane and Ruby don't believe in feminism, she brings Diane to her feminist group; Junior and Jack help Dre after he realizes he is out of touch with modern-day feminism.

  • Episode 4 - When I Grow Up (to Be a Man)
    Sitcom, S6:E4

    Jack gets cut from the basketball team, and it leads to a family discussion about him being short for his age; Dre is worried for Jack's future, but Bow feels strongly that he will overcome his adversity and be stronger for it.

  • Episode 5 - Mad and Boujee
    Sitcom, S6:E5

    When Dre is invited to join a private social club for the black upper class, Bow and the family jump at the opportunity to mingle with this new community; Junior helps Pops pick a wedding date.

  • Episode 6 - Everybody Blames Raymond
    Sitcom, S6:E6

    Halloween is around the corner and the Johnsons are definitely not seeing eye to eye on the family costume. The only thing they do agree on is that Jack's new friend Raymond has got to go. Meanwhile, Junior wants Devante's first trick-or-treating experience to be perfect.

  • Episode 7 - Daughters for Dummies
    Sitcom, S6:E7

    When Dre realizes that his relationship with Diane has been distant, he plans some daddy-daughter bonding sessions, but the plans backfire when he realizes the interest is one-sided. Meanwhile, Bow covers for Junior at his ChoreBoar gig.

  • Episode 8 - O Mother Where Art Thou?
    Sitcom, S6:E8

    When Dre discovers that Lynette (guest star Loretta Devine) is an art aficionado like himself, the two quickly bond and become close, but he begins to feel guilty since he is spending more time with her than Ruby. Meanwhile, Junior introduces Bow to virtual reality.

  • Episode 9 - University of Dre
    Sitcom, S6:E9

    Dre and Bow are worried about Junior's future working odd jobs, especially after he tells them he wants to produce comedy shows for unknown comics. When Dre realizes that Junior is putting himself out there and following in his own footsteps, he takes him under his wing to the "University of Dre....

  • Episode 10 - Father Christmas
    Sitcom, S6:E10

    Dre is thrown off when Pops shows up to the house full of holiday cheer; the whole family gets into the holiday spirit until someone from Lynette's past shows up.

  • Episode 11 - Hair Day
    Sitcom, S6:E11

    Bow takes Diane to a salon and wants to spend this time together as a bonding opportunity; Diane is conflicted about relaxing her hair again and embarks on a hair journey; Dre and Junior compete to have the best barbecue.

  • Episode 12 - Boss Daddy
    Sitcom, S6:E12

    Dre's torn at the office between looking out for Junior and letting him make his own mistakes; Jack loses a friendship after trying to look cool in front of the basketball team.

  • Episode 13 - Kid Life Crisis
    Sitcom, S6:E13

    The Johnsons go on vacation at an all-inclusive beach resort in paradise; Dre and Bow meet a couple without kids and live a kidless fantasy for a while; Junior catches the eye of a cute girl and vies for her attention; Jack gets the flu.

  • Episode 14 - Adventure to Ventura
    Sitcom, S6:E14

    Dre worries Diane and Jack don't know how to fend for themselves and sends them out on an adventure, only to realize it's his overbearing worries that hold the twins back. Meanwhile, Junior gets into a tricky situation at work when he befriends Josh in hopes of scoring a positive peer review.

  • Episode 15 - The Gauntlet
    Sitcom, S6:E15

    Dre thought he was the best gift-giver, but Bow tells him she prefers meaningful gifts over expensive ones, so he does his best to get her something she'll love on Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, Ruby teaches Jack how to get a girl after she hears about his love troubles, but her antiquated ways don'...

  • Episode 16 - Friendgame
    Sitcom, S6:E16

    Bow is heartbroken to learn that Diane is no longer friends with Sophie. Having been scarred by her own friend breakup in middle school, Bow decides to intervene. Meanwhile, Dre discovers a hole in the wall that Junior and Jack were hiding and forces them to fix their own expensive mistake.

  • Episode 17 - You Don't Know Jack
    Sitcom, S6:E17

    Jack joins the robotics club and Dre worries it might be a detrimental failure for him after already being cut from the basketball team. Ruby embellishes a story for Diane's school project.

  • Episode 18 - Best Supporting Husband
    Sitcom, S6:E18

    Dre spirals when Rainbow is elected to the prestigious California Board of Medicine, and the invitation for the annual fundraising gala is addressed to Dr. Rainbow Johnson and guest. Meanwhile, Diane redecorates her room to impress Mason.

  • Episode 19 - Dad Bod-y of Work
    Sitcom, S6:E19

    Dre is guilted into volunteering at Jack and Diane's school carnival; Rainbow makes an appointment for Junior to get his flu shot, but Ruby has strong opinions against modern medicine.

  • Episode 20 - A Game of Chicken
    Sitcom, S6:E20

    Dre knows when to choose his battles with Bow, but they disagree on where to send Devante for preschool. Meanwhile, Junior helps Jack and Diane pull an epic eighth-grade prank.

  • Episode 21 - Earl, Interrupted
    Sitcom, S6:E21

    Dre realizes he needs to intervene when Pops starts to go overboard while partying and gambling with old friends to mask his heartbreak. Meanwhile, Bow pawns school drop-off onto Junior so that she can avoid an annoying parent.

  • Episode 22 - ...Baby One More Time
    Sitcom, S6:E22

    Dre underestimates Rhonda's (guest star Raven-Symoné) ability to be a mom and struggles to support her decision to adopt a baby. Meanwhile, Ruby gets in the way of Bow's plans for the perfect baby shower; and Junior, Jack and Diane go to extra lengths to give the best gift of the party.

  • Episode 23 - Love, Boat
    Sitcom, S6:E23

    Dre can't come to terms with his new reality when he discovers something shocking about Pops and Ruby. Junior feels the pressure to find love and tries to rekindle a past romance with a grand gesture.

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