Animert, Barneprogram


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Bluey er en Blue Heeler-valp som gjør hverdagslivet med familien til et eventyr. Hennes energi og søte glød får henne inn i alle slags morsomme og uforutsette situasjoner.

Sesonger og episoder

Sesong 1
  • Sesong 1
Sesong 1
  • Episode 1 - Magic Xylophone
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E1

    Bluey and Bingo rediscover a magic xylophone that has the power to freeze Dad in space and time, allowing them to move him into lots of hilariously embarrassing positions. But such a powerful tool makes it hard for Bluey to take turns with Bingo, and despite the threat of Mum taking it away and B...

  • Episode 2 - Hospital
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E2

    Playing ‘Hospital’ leaves Dad in the needle-happy hands of Doctor Bluey as she and Nurse Bingo diagnose his sore tummy. One x-ray (and a few more injections later) and they discover Dad has a cat in his tummy! After singing him to sleep, Bluey gets operating! But the bitey cat just won’t budge. F...

  • Episode 3 - Keepy Uppy
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E3

    Mum suggests Bluey use her last balloon to play a game of Keepy-Uppy where they try to keep the balloon in the air and not let it touch the ground. At first the game is eas, but Dad takes it to a whole new level, using a fan and a leaf blower to blow the balloon around the house and even out the...

  • Episode 4 - Daddy Robot
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E4

    Bluey and Bingo don’t want to tidy the playroom, so they get Daddy Robot to do it for them. But when Bluey takes things too far and tells him that they NEVER want to tidy the playroom again, he decides to throw the kids in the wheelie bin! With Mum’s help, they manage to short circuit him, but it...

  • Episode 5 - Shadowlands
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E5

    On a picnic with their parents, Bluey, Snickers and Coco play Shadowlands - a game where they must only walk in the shady areas and avoid the crocodile infested, sunlit grass. But Bluey finds that every time the game gets too difficult, Coco tries to take a shortcut. Finding themselves stranded i...

  • Episode 6 - The Weekend
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E6

    At the weekend, Bluey and Bingo are playing Statues with Dad - Bingo is a magical moving statue that Dad keeps trying to return to Bluey the shopkeeper. With the game in full swing, Bingo gasps in wonder as she discovers a walking leaf insect in the garden. She whispers to Dad to come and see, bu...

  • Episode 7 - BBQ
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E7

    It’s Sunday lunch on Blueys back deck! But every BBQ needs side dishes! Bingo’s relaxing sit-down has to wait when her cousins task her with finding every colour capsicum for the world’s best pretend salad. Run off her feet to gather the ingredients, she finds green leaves from the succulents, ye...

  • Episode 8 - Fruitbat
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E8

    Bluey doesn't want to go to bed, wishing she could stay up all night like the nocturnal fruit bats instead. After trying and failing to get to sleep, she goes downstairs to find Dad asleep on the floor, dreaming about playing touch football. Mum explains that Dad doesn't get to play much anymore,...

  • Episode 9 - Horsey Ride
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E9

    Mum and Aunt Trixie go out, leaving Bingo, Bluey and the cousins with Dad and Uncle Stripe, whose plans to watch the cricket are cancelled for a game of Horsey Ride instead. But when Bluey forgets to put away her favourite toy, Polly Puppy, and Socks get hold of her, they need a plan to get her b...

  • Episode 10 - Hotel
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E10

    Dad is attempting to do some housework when he gets embroiled in a game of 'Hotel'. Bluey plays the groveling hotel manager, Bingo her zany assistant and Dad is the beleaguered hotel guest, desperately trying to get a decent night's sleep. With stoic humour, Dad suffers through midnight wake up c...

  • Episode 11 - Bike
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E11

    At the park with Dad, Bluey is learning to ride her bike. But it’s just too hard. About to give up, Bluey watches as Bingo struggles to get a drink from the water fountain. Dad tells her that Bingo will figure it out and points out Bentley on the monkey bars. Bentley can’t reach the first bar, bu...

  • Episode 12 - Bob Bilby
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E12

    It’s Bingo’s turn to bring the Bob Bilby puppet home from Kindy and record their weekend together. Bob’s previous adventures have all been very exciting, so Bingo is keen to make their time just as memorable. But when Bingo and Bluey spend most of their day showing Bob cartoons and playing games ...

  • Episode 13 - Spy Game
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E13

    At a BBQ in the park Bluey and her friends are hard at work on their spy game, making a device that allows them to control the grownups! But when Bingo gets annoyed with the role she’s been given, Bluey gets grumpy and tells her she’s not playing anymore. But without Bingo’s potion making skills,...

  • Episode 14 - Takeaway
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E14

    When Dad, Bluey and Bingo stop to pick up some Chinese takeaway on the way home, the spring rolls are missing! They can wait for fresh ones, but it’ll take five minutes… an eternity for two very hungry, very restless kids! After trying to stop Bluey taking a shower under the tap, taking Bingo for...

  • Episode 15 - Butterflies
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E15

    When Dad sets up a cloth swing in the yard, the girls can finally play ‘Butterflies’ - taking turns in the makeshift cocoon before hatching into beautiful butterflies. It’s shaping up to be a fun afternoon, until the girl’s bossy neighbour Judo takes charge. Wanting to play with Bluey by herself,...

  • Episode 16 - Yoga Ball
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E16

    When Dad works from home, he likes to sit on a giant yoga ball that the kids cannot resist playing with. When he’s not looking they steal his ball and push it down the stairs. Dad starts horsing around too, bouncing them on the ball and throwing them onto the bed, but as the kids get more and mor...

  • Episode 17 - Calypso
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E17

    At school, Bluey and her friends throw themselves into various games. Strolling the room, teacher Calypso gently nudges the kids into each other’s orbit, and soon make-believe mother Indy is moving into Rusty’s new house while waitressing at Bluey’s fish and chip shop! Everything’s going like clo...

  • Episode 18 - The Doctor
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E18

    Receptionist Bluey welcomes Honey to Dr Bingo’s surgery, asking what’s wrong. Deciding on a sore knee (despite Bluey suggesting bigger) Honey finds herself stuck in the waiting room as the more exciting cases get priority - from alligators on heads to cuddled cactuses. When Rusty jumps to the fro...

  • Episode 19 - The Claw
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E19

    When Bluey and Bingo fail to win a prize on a Magic Claw machine, Mum tries to cheer them up by creating their own version at home. But when Dad’s Magic Claw demands payment, the girls must haphazardly complete some chores for spare change and a chance to play. But Dad’s making it too hard and th...

  • Episode 20 - Markets
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E20

    With a five dollar bill from the tooth fairy, Bluey is thrilled to go to the local markets with Dad to spend her money! But as she explores the market stalls with her friend Indy, committing to a purchase proves harder and harder. With everything from horse rides to poffertjes on offer, the choic...

  • Episode 21 - Blue Mountains
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E21

    While having a picnic in the park, Bluey, Bingo and Mum and Dad play a game of hand puppets. Big Sister, Little Sister, and Little Fairy walk their fingers on an adventure beyond the Blue Mountains. Big Sister is hesitant to climb up such a steep hill, but Little Sister’s enthusiasm is infectious...

  • Episode 22 - The Pool
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E22

    As Mum packs everyone’s things for a trip to the pool without her, Bluey and Dad tease her about being so over-prepared. But when they arrive, they quickly discover that they’ve forgotten to bring the bag she packed! Bingo doesn’t have her floaties, Bluey doesn’t have her goggles and there are no...

  • Episode 23 - Shops
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E23

    A simple game of ‘shops’ between Bluey and her friends becomes impossible as no one can agree on who’s who and what the rules are! Who’s in charge of the checkout? What are they paying with? Who gets to be a kitten? Between Bluey’s wanting people to wait and the switching around of her friend’s r...

  • Episode 24 - Wagon Ride
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E24

    As Dad takes Bluey and Bingo on an early morning wagon ride to the park, Bluey can’t wait to get to her beloved monkey bars. But her patience is tested when Dad keeps stopping to chat to his friends. Frustrated, Bluey keeps interrupting the grown-ups’ conversations. Dad instructs her to be polite...

  • Episode 25 - Taxi
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E25

    It’s a rainy day, and Bluey has set up a taxi service inside. Her first fare is a stressed-out businessman (Dad) who needs to get to the airport immediately! Bluey assures him there will be no delays, but then immediately picks up passenger number two, a rich lady (Bingo) and her child, Millicent...

  • Episode 26 - The Beach
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E26

    When mum goes for a walk by herself along the beach, Bluey runs to catch up with her, keen to share a shell she has found. Pretending to be a mermaid who has finally got her legs for the day, she embarks on a precious solo adventure, following Mum’s footprints along the shoreline. Along the way s...

  • Episode 27 - Pirates
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E27

    When Bluey, Bingo and their young friend Missy turn the hammock swing at the playground into a pirate ship, Mum narrates as Dad whips up a wild storm. But it all proves too much for Missy who gets scared and abandons ship. Mum can’t persuade Missy to conquer her fears and re-join them, especially...

  • Episode 28 - Grannies
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E28

    Bluey and Bingo love a good game of ‘Grannies’, hobbling about on canes and causing mischief. But when Bingo does the floss dance, Bluey insists that it’s definitely not something Grannies do. Unable to agree, they video call Nana who gives it her best shot. But she just can’t do it. Bluey revels...

  • Episode 29 - The Creek
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E29

    Bored of the overcrowded local playground, Dad leads Bluey, Bingo and Mackenzie on an adventure to discover their local creek. Cast out of her comfort zone, Bluey finds the weird bugs and untamed landscape intimidating at first. But as the natural wonder of the bush enchants her, she finds her re...

  • Episode 30 - Fairies
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E30

    After Dad ignores Bingo, trouble comes to the Heelers house, which fills up with invisible mischief-making fairies. Tails are braided, Mum gets a peg beard and Dad’s phone ends up in fairy dancing circle! Mum suspects someone hurt the fairies’ feelings and sends Bingo to see what they want. Bingo...

  • Episode 31 - Work
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E31

    Playing a game of ‘Work’, Dad hires cheeky Bluey and frog Bingo for his drainpipe factory. Bluey soon causes trouble, taking every chance to slack off. But rather than be reprimanded, she promotes herself to be Dad’s new boss! Bluey proves a stern taskmaster, having Dad lick the floor and even po...

  • Episode 32 - Bumpy and the Wise Old Wolfhound
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E32

    Facing an overnight stay in the hospital, Bingo is upset that she can’t go home. But her spirits are lifted when Mum shows her a video on her tablet sent by Dad and Bluey. In a ramshackle film shoot of friends, relatives and neighbours, Bluey spins the tale of a young girl on a quest to help heal...

  • Episode 33 - Trampoline
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E33

    Dad is the king of trampoline games and the girls can’t get enough. But when it’s time for Dad to go to work, Bluey and Bingo can’t bear to see him go. Insisting he can’t leave without a proper meal, they make him play the breakfast game - bounce-cooking Bingo and Bluey as toast, eggs and even a ...

  • Episode 34 - The Dump
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E34

    On a car trip to the dump, Dad convinces Bluey that he knows absolutely everything and is the best dad in the world. And when Bluey challenges him, asking difficult questions, Dad’s got all the right answers. But when they get to the dump and Bluey sees Dad throwing away some of her old drawings,...

  • Episode 35 - Zoo
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E35

    When Bluey gives a tour of the animals at her backyard zoo to Lady Gaberdene (Mum) and her adorable toddler, Snowdrop (Bingo), her visitors are especially taken with the big blue Daddy Gorilla. But when Daddy Gorilla scoops up Snowdrop and makes his escape, Zookeeper Bluey has to give chase, whil...

  • Episode 36 - Backpackers
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E36

    Bluey insists Mum and Dad relive their old backpacking days by strapping Bluey, Bingo, Muffin and Socks to their backs and going on an adventure in the garden. But with these cheeky backpacks getting up to mischief, haggling for street food and minicab rides in this strange foreign land is provin...

  • Episode 37 - The Adventure
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E37

    Bluey and Chloe turn the playground into a magical kingdom where a princess is tasked by the Kindly Queen to find food and save her people. Taking turns playing all the lead roles, the two friends journey into a world where they encounter rude terriers, grandma fairies and brave the machinations ...

  • Episode 38 - Copycat
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E38

    Bluey’s having a fun copying everything Dad says and does, including Olympic walking, but the game takes a serious turn when she finds a hurt budgie by the side of the path. Dad and Bluey bundle it into a shoebox and head to the vet. But despite their best efforts, the budgie dies. To deal with h...

  • Episode 39 - The Sleepover
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E39

    Cousin Muffin is coming for a sleepover which means only one thing––Bluey and Bingo get to stay up late! But when Muffin arrives tired and emotional from missing her nap, chaos ensues. Trying to drag out the evening as long as possible, the girls attempt a slow leisurely game of restaurant, but w...

  • Episode 40 - Early Baby
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E40

    Calypso mediates as Bluey and friends accuse Rusty of ruining their game. They were playing a simple game of baby hospital. When Indy’s baby came early (just like her little sister), it needed special care and attention, requiring her mother Indy to be very brave. But Rusty ruined everything by p...

  • Episode 41 - Mums and Dads
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E41

    Indy and Rusty love playing the Mums and Dads, but they can’t agree on who’ll stay home to look after the baby. Looking for a new partner to babysit while she works, Indy finds herself faced with Mackenzie’s digging obsession, Snickers constant distraction and Winton’s gentle befuddlement. Rusty ...

  • Episode 42 - Hide and Seek
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E42

    Bluey loves playing hide and seek, but the family are convinced she will get distracted and forget to find them. Bluey promises to stay focused and, after a count to twenty, the game is on! But her promise quickly comes undone when she uncovers Chattermax (a noisy old toy) hidden under the sink. ...

  • Episode 43 - Camping
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E43

    While on a camping holiday in the bush, Bluey makes a new friend, a French speaking boy named Jean-Luc. They may not understand the same language, but that doesn't stop them spending their days laughing, playing, planting seeds and hunting for a wild Daddy pig. But one morning, Bluey is heartbrok...

  • Episode 44 - Mount Mumandad
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E44

    When Mum and Dad collapse on the couch after a busy day, they give Bluey and Bingo five minutes until bed, just enough time to race to the summit of Mt MumandDad! Bluey hurries ahead, too impatient to wait for Bingo as she packs her camping supplies, leading to accusations of cheating. All their ...

  • Episode 45 - Kids
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E45

    During a quick trip to the shops Bluey, Bingo and Dad play a game of ‘Kids’, where Bluey plays Mum, Bingo is her cute baby, Snowdrop, and Dad is her sulky son, Diddums. Not only does Bluey hamper Dad’s efforts to buy groceries, by buying nothing but junk food, but she also prefers the secretly na...

  • Episode 46 - Chickenrat
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E46

    At bedtime, Bingo panics when she can’t find her beloved toy, Floppy. With Mums help, they retrace their steps backwards through the game they played that day to help Bingo remember. Starting with the balcony where they cooked a chickenrat egg, then the bathroom where Dad laid the egg in the laun...

  • Episode 47 - Neighbours
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E47

    Bluey builds herself the perfect make-believe playhouse out of the couch cushions and is delighted when Bingo, Mum and Dad all build their own houses next door! Their new neighbourhood is fantastic, until Bingo takes over Bluey’s reading nook with her growing menagerie of farm animals! Unsure how...

  • Episode 49 - Asparagus
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E49

    When Bluey questions why they need good manners, Dad tells her it’s because they’re not wild animals! So Mum slips Bluey a magic asparagus that turns anyone into whatever animal she wants! Now with Mum, Dad and Bingo running around as chickens, mice and meerkats, Bluey is loving her new rule free...

  • Episode 50 - Shaun
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E50

    Bluey and Bingo’s desire for a pet is tested, when Dad transforms his hand into the chaotic Emu, Shaun. As Shaun turns the house upside down, ignoring their commands, Mum advises Bluey to remain ‘calm and controlled’. So, when an unruly Shaun escapes the lead on a walk and runs for the prickle bu...

  • Episode 51 - Daddy Putdown
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E51

    When Mum goes out to a baby shower and leaves Dad to do the evening routine alone, Bluey misses her and wants her to come back. At first Dad tries to entertain the kids by playing a few rounds of follow the leader and some ‘come here and go away’ on the swing, but his attempts to distract the kid...

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