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Building Alaska


Building off the grid is challenging enough, but doing so in some of the most unforgiving terrain on Earth becomes a monumental test. This series follows the intrepid journeys of men and women who gladly face Alaska's extreme conditions and harsh elements to construct one-of-a-kind lodges among the stunning landscape. Undeterred crews work up to 16 hours a day to complete dream cabins before the arrival of winter, while overcoming total isolation, inclement weather, rough seas, and the occasional visit by grizzly bears.

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Sesong 9
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Sesong 9
  • Episode 1 - Shaky Ground
    Eventyr, Oppussing, S9:E1

    Three new build teams arrive at their build sites and begin work on their cabins. Josh Tousignant makes the long trip to Cordova. John Donkersloot and Heather Rough oversee delivery of shipping containers. Chris Maynard flies out build materials.

  • Episode 2 - Anything Can Go Wrong
    Eventyr, Oppussing, S9:E2

    Chris and Joe battle an 80-foot spruce, then a helicopter delivery almost goes wrong. John and Heather fall behind. Josh and his team must forklift their materials up the driveway to the build site after the semi gets stuck at the bottom.

  • Episode 3 - Moving on to Plan X-Ray
    Eventyr, Oppussing, S9:E3

    Josh and his team install the second-story floor joists in their cabin. Chris runs out of lumber to build a dock, and the framers he hired don't show up. Wrong cuts and measurements threaten to put John and Heather further behind than ever.

  • Episode 4 - Up High Without a Net
    Eventyr, Oppussing, S9:E4

    Chris and team prepare for two intense helicopter deliveries. Greg scales a raised rake wall to nail it into place. John and Heather's forklift threatens to knock over their frame. Josh and his team work from rickety ladders late into the night.

  • Episode 5 - Playing Catch Up
    Eventyr, Oppussing, S9:E5

    All three builds are running behind schedule; John and Heather build a water catchment system; Chris' windows are delivered by helicopter in a dilapidated crate that swings violently in the wind; Josh comes close to tipping over his forklift.

  • Episode 6 - A Fort in the Woods
    Eventyr, Oppussing, S9:E6

    John and Heather try to figure out how to install drywall without covering their timber frame; Chris' windows spin violently during delivery; Joe and Duane install the metal roofing tin on a steep slope; bears eat Josh's onsite supplies.

  • Episode 7 - Not for Beginners
    Eventyr, Oppussing, S9:E7

    Time is running out for the builders; Chris gets help installing solar panels; Greg and Ivan work to finish the interior tongue and groove panelling for the cabin's roof; Josh works on log stairs; John and Heather's build site is flooded.

  • Episode 8 - Look What They've Done
    Eventyr, Oppussing, S9:E8

    The builders push to finish their cabins before winter strikes; Josh and his team fight the rain and wind; Chris and his wife rush to install the kitchen counters and furniture; John and Heather struggle to finish their cabin before the snow falls.

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