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Burn Notice

7.9IMDb2007 • USA

Spionen Michael Westen blir plutselig svartelistet under et oppdrag. Mens han leter etter svar i Miami tar han i bruk sin kunnskap og evner for å hjelpe personer i nød.

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Sesong 7
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  • Sesong 2
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Sesong 7
  • Episode 1 - New Deal
    Krimdrama, S7:E1

    It’s been nine months since Michael and his friends were released from CIA custody. Since then, Michael’s been living a life of squalor in the Dominican Republic, fighting in bars for money, and drinking it all away. It seems like Michael’s life has completely fallen apart, but he’s actually just...

  • Episode 2 - Forget Me Not
    Krimdrama, S7:E2

    Michael returns to Miami in order to preserve his cover, but Strong puts a damper on his homecoming by forbidding Michael from contacting his friends.

  • Episode 3 - Down Range
    Krimdrama, S7:E3

    Sam and Jesse head to the Dominican Republic to help Michael with a high-risk trade. Elsewhere, Fiona steps in to help Madeline ward off a bookie trying to collect an unpaid debt.

  • Episode 4 - Brother in Arms
    Krimdrama, S7:E4

    Randall Burke (Adrian Pasdar) recruits Michael and his friends to break one of his comrades, Sonya, out of a Russian black site prison based near Havana, Cuba.

  • Episode 5 - Exit Plan
    Krimdrama, S7:E5

    Michael joins forces with a former Russian operative working in Burke's organization to escape Cuba; Strong tries to convince Fiona to help Michael.

  • Episode 6 - All or Nothing
    Krimdrama, S7:E6

    Michael’s CIA handler, ANDREW STRONG (Jack Coleman) has ordered Michael to find out who the head of the terrorist organization he’s infiltrated is. To do that, Michael has to get a lot closer to SONYA LEBIDENKO (Alona Tal).

  • Episode 7 - Psychological Warfare
    Krimdrama, S7:E7

    Michael’s been pushing to meet the leader of Sonya’s organization, but he had no idea what he was getting into. Shortly after Sonya agrees to makes the introduction, she knocks Michael unconscious. When he awakes, he finds himself in an abandoned house, surrounded by guards, and face to face with...

  • Episode 8 - Nature of the Beast
    Krimdrama, S7:E8

    Now that Michael has gained JAMES’ trust, he’s been asked, for the first time, to lead a mission for James’ organization. Michael is being sent back to the Dominican Republic to apprehend MARCO CABRAL (Peter Mensah), the corrupt head of the Dominican narcotics police force. It turns out Cabral ha...

  • Episode 9 - Bitter Pill
    Krimdrama, S7:E9

    The team look for an antidote at the manufacturer's lab in order to save a poisoned Middle Eastern diplomat. Elsewhere, Madeline takes action when she suspects she's being followed.

  • Episode 10 - Things Unseen
    Krimdrama, S7:E10

    James orders Michael and Sonya to assassinate an intelligence broker, ROGER STEELE (Sebastian Roché), for getting too close to uncovering their secret organization. The reason James has chosen Michael for the job is because Michael and Roger are old friends. Michael tries to convince Strong to ab...

  • Episode 11 - Tipping Point
    Krimdrama, S7:E11

    Michael manages to copy all the files off of Sonya’s cell phone and hand it over to the CIA. With that information, Strong is able to determine James’ next location. Strong hires a team of intelligence freelancers to capture James and Sonya while Michael leads them into his trap.

  • Episode 12 - Sea Change
    Krimdrama, S7:E12

    James has just learned that Michael has been working undercover for the CIA, but he also knows that Michael’s allegiance now lies with his organization. Michael admits that while he may not always agree with James’ methods, he does believe in his cause, which is why Michael’s willing to go back t...

  • Episode 13 - Reckoning
    Krimdrama, S7:E13

    The final episode in the series finds Michael struggling to regain the trust of those whom he betrayed, while James works feverishly to bring him down.

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