Dokumentar, Historie • Storbritannia

This documentary series explores the natural and social history of the coastline around the United Kingdom. The journey uncovers stories of people and events that have helped transform the area into what is is today. Among the questions the programme answers are why Portsmouth became the home of the Royal Navy and how greed led to an entire village being washed into the sea.

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  • Episode 1 - Our Holiday Coast
    Dokumentar, Historie, S10:E1

    Nick Crane follows a centuries-old tourist trail out of London and heads for Margate, via Southend-on-Sea. At Southend, he asks why Britain's longest pier was built here. As he makes his way to Margate, Nick discovers why this resort once literally saved lives and how it has reinvented itself for...

  • Episode 2 - Bounty from the Sea
    Dokumentar, Historie, S10:E2

    Nick Crane is on an island odyssey in the Faroes on a mission to gather all manner of bounty to take to a traditional feast. He starts by diving for 50-year-old mussels before discovering how the Faroese like to eat their sheep.

  • Episode 3 - Ingenious Isles
    Dokumentar, Historie, S10:E3

    Nick Crane follows the Welsh Coastal Path around Anglesey and takes in 700 years of inspired thinking and ingenious isles. At South Stack, he investigates how an innovative lighthouse was constructed on a precarious piece of rock.

  • Episode 4 - The Irish Sea
    Dokumentar, Historie, S10:E4

    Nick Crane hops on a ferry across the Irish Sea and washes into Dublin on her tumultuous tides. Mark Horton is at Maryport, where archaeologists have discovered two Roman temples and one of the earliest Christian churches in Britain.

  • Episode 5 - Wild Waters
    Dokumentar, Historie, S10:E5

    Nick Crane travels to the north east coast, one of Britain's most hazardous with 780 shipwrecks along a 65-mile stretch. Mark Horton takes the helm of a roll-on roll-off ferry to explore how these beasts of the maritime highway cope with stormy seas.

  • Episode 6 - Caves and Coves
    Dokumentar, Historie, S10:E6

    Nick Crane travels to Jersey in search of some of the most spectacular caves and coves in Europe. Ian McMillan turns storytelling sleuth on Scotland's Ayrshire coast as he delves into the story of Sawney Bean. Andy Torbet travels to the sea cave capital of Britain: the Shetland Isles.