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Family Karma


Following several multi-generational families originally from India who are now taking America by storm.

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Sesong 2
  • Episode 1 - Welcome Back Karma
    Reality, S2:E1

    Anisha starts to secure her future by freezing her eggs; Vishal reveals a shocking secret; this tight-knit community is put to the test when an argument breaks out at Brian's 29th birthday bash.

  • Episode 2 - Not So Happy Hour
    Reality, S2:E2

    Anisha wonders what's to follow in her uneventful dating life with her egg retrieval right around the corner; drama between Patel and Vishal continues.

  • Episode 3 - So You Think You Can Garba?
    Reality, S2:E3

    Vishal and Richa sit down in an attempt to salvage their broken relationship; Anisha, with her eggs now successfully frozen, tests the dating waters; Monica plans a Navratri celebration on the beach, but not everyone makes the guest list.

  • Episode 4 - Resting Witch Face
    Reality, S2:E4

    When Amrit and Nicholas throw a Halloween housewarming party, long-simmering tensions in the friend group finally come to a head; Brian begins to question his relationship; Monica visits her mom as she tries to repair her fractured family.

  • Episode 5 - Family Blessings
    Reality, S2:E5

    It's a Diwali to remember as Amrit prepares to come out to the matriarch of his family, his grandmother; the Aunties host a raucous high tea, while Brian and Anisha attempt a ritual to rid themselves of bad energy.

  • Episode 6 - Good Vibrations
    Reality, S2:E6

    With Anisha's dating life flatlining, Dillon takes her to a sex shop to get her "back in the saddle"; Nicholas and Amrit visit his Nani for the first time since coming out, as Brian considers harboring a secret from his new girlfriend.

  • Episode 7 - Lips are Sealed
    Reality, S2:E7

    With Amrit planning to propose to Nicholas, his friends and family try to keep the secret under wraps; Brian copes with the loss of his job; Anisha shakes off the cobwebs and goes on a blind date.

  • Episode 8 - Checklist Please (Supersized)
    Reality, S2:E8

    Monica braces for the worst when she convinces her estranged parents to have dinner together for the first time in 13 years; an old grudge between Lopa and Chitra rears its head; Brian finally reaches a breaking point in his relationship.

  • Episode 9 - One Last Proposal
    Reality, S2:E9

    Vishal plans an epic week of surprises to get the ring back on Richa's finger, but first, their moms must meet up to settle old scores; Anisha considers a life away from home, and the Aunties try to "out party" the kids.

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