7.2IMDb2016 • USA

"Arrested Development" alum Will Arnett stars as Chip, a resident of the insular world of Venice Beach, California. Chip presents himself to the world as the go-to guy for personal insights, but secretly he is a recovering alcoholic who struggles with his own baggage, and has a difficult time keeping track of his own deceptions. When a new waitress named London starts working at a local eatery, Chip and his best friend, Dennis, both fall for her. As Chip's tangled web of half-truths starts to unravel, his all-important image -- and sobriety -- are put at risk.

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Sesong 2
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  • Sesong 2
Sesong 2
  • Episode 1 - Day One
    Sitcom, S2:E1

    Thanks to his advocacy for Topher's hotel, Chip is now an outcast. Dennis conceals his recovery from Rosa, a new love interest. Cooler gets evicted.

  • Episode 2 - Day Two
    Sitcom, S2:E2

    Chip takes London out on an unconventional 'first date' and meets her spiritual guru, Karel. Dennis discovers a link between Rosa and George.

  • Episode 3 - Day Three
    Sitcom, S2:E3

    His housing issues unresolved, Chip crashes with a recent acquaintance. George asks Dennis to help him reconnect with Rosa. Cooler has a revelation.

  • Episode 4 - Day Four
    Sitcom, S2:E4

    Making amends to Dennis and Jerry pays off in unexpected ways for Chip. Cooler throws himself a birthday party. Rosa learns the truth about Dennis.

  • Episode 5 - Day Five
    Sitcom, S2:E5

    London vanishes, sending Chip on a desperate search to replace her. Dennis panics when a fall off the wagon derails his sobriety and his business.

  • Episode 6 - Day Six
    Sitcom, S2:E6

    Chip and Cooler rescue Dennis from an alcoholic spiral, then head north to stop London's wedding -- a quest that ends with a startling revelation.

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