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Drama, Krim



Eric struggles to keep control as the body count increases; Natalie and Vincent's field trip descends into chaos.

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Sesong 3
  • Sesong 1
  • Sesong 2
  • Sesong 3
Sesong 3
  • Episode 1
    Drama, Krim, S3:E1

    As Oslo dispatches two new officers to attempt to make some sense of the anarchy in Fortitude, Dan Anderssen continues his descent into madness, bringing him head-to-head with the grief-stricken Michael Lennox.

  • Episode 2
    Drama, Krim, S3:E2

    Michael thinks he has a shot at redemption when he meets Elsa, but gets caught up in her deadly plan for survival.

  • Episode 3
    Drama, Krim, S3:E3

    Michael hunts for the place where he was held captive, and a shocking discovery sets him on a course that may lead him to destruction or redemption; Annie Burgess arrives in Fortitude looking for answers.

  • Episode 4
    Drama, Krim, S3:E4

    Michael sacrifices everything for a possible future with Elsa; as his deeds catch up with him, Dan realizes he might never leave Fortitude.

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