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Grace and Frankie

8.2IMDb2019 • 28 min

Robert feels out of place with the younger guys at rehearsals; Grace doesn't like the new man in Frankie's life; Brianna must make a difficult choice.

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Sesong 7
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Sesong 7
  • Episode 1 - The Roomies
    Sitcom, S7:E1

    With their exes living at the beach house and FBI agents who arrested Nick sniffing around, Grace and Frankie frantically search for the money they hid.

  • Episode 2 - The Arraignment
    Sitcom, S7:E2

    While Frankie retrieves the cash, Grace and Nick discuss their marriage at his arraignment. Joan-Margaret hatches a plan for laundering the money.

  • Episode 3 - The Bunny
    Sitcom, S7:E3

    Bud tries to soothe discord at the beach house by throwing a brunch for the two families. But revelations from the past create even more hard feelings.

  • Episode 4 - The Circumcision
    Sitcom, S7:E4

    Nick has a chance to get out of jail, but Grace likes things the way they are. An old acquaintance helps Frankie with the money laundering.

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