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An American woman travels to London to defend her sister after she becomes the prime suspect in her roommate's brutal murder.

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Sesong 1
  • Sesong 1
  • Episode 1 - Pilot
    Krimdrama, S1:E1

    An American woman travels to London to defend her sister after she becomes the prime suspect in her roommate's brutal murder.

  • Episode 2 - AmericanPsycho
    Krimdrama, S1:E2

    Stan warns Grace not to attend Molly's memorial; Natalie becomes suspicious of James' evasive behavior; Molly's brother has a confrontation with one of the prime suspects in her murder.

  • Episode 3 - Exit Wounds
    Krimdrama, S1:E3

    Bullies attack Grace on social media after Molly's murder becomes a worldwide story; Prince Theo worries that his connection to Molly may become public; James gets blackmailed with incriminating photos.

  • Episode 4 - Blood Ties
    Krimdrama, S1:E4

    Natalie learns that Gwendolyn may be biased in her investigation of Grace; a past indiscretion comes back to haunt Detective Sergeant Bruno; Grace encourages Luc to move ahead with his art show.

  • Episode 5 - The Eye of the Needle
    Krimdrama, S1:E5

    Grace is bombarded by paparazzi as she exits the police station; a good Samaritan shows up to her rescue but she soon suspects is intentions aren't so pure; Natalie enlists the help of Detective Bruno to find her sister; Patrick goes undercover at a swank sex club in hopes of finding his sister's...

  • Episode 6 - A Simple Plan
    Krimdrama, S1:E6

    Gwendolyn puts pressure on Luc to give up Grace, but Luc sticks to his story about being with Grace all night; Grace teams up with Roz to plant evidence on a new suspect.

  • Episode 7 - A Fall From Grace
    Krimdrama, S1:E7

    Natalie begins to doubt Grace's innocence as the case against her sister mounts; Stan tips off the press that Molly worked as a prostitute; Charlotte confronts Prince Theo as his lies begin to unravel.

  • Episode 8 - Eyes Wide Open
    Krimdrama, S1:E8

    Grace agrees to undergo hypnosis at Stan's urging, to rediscover why she may have blacked out; Natalie goes to Bruno for help.

  • Episode 9 - The Crown v Atwood
    Krimdrama, S1:E9

    British tabloids shred Grace as she stands trial for Molly Ryan's murder; Stan works to cast doubt on Grace's guilt while Natalie and Bruno search for new evidence to prove her innocence.

  • Episode 10 - What Did You Do?
    Krimdrama, S1:E10

    The jury deliberates Grace's fate; Detectives Bruno and Pike attempt to find a link between the Molly Ryan case and the Hertfordshire murder; Stan and Natalie work to buy time; Patrick believes that Prince Theo is the murderer.