Dokumentar, Forbruker

Inside the Factory


Hvordan er det mulig å produsere 100 ton ost og 12 millioner brød om dagen? Gjennom en unik innsikt bak kulissene i storbritannias største matfabrikker finner vi ut hvordan noen av våre mest elskede matvarer blir laget.

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  • Episode 1 - Cherry Bakewells
    Dokumentar, Forbruker, S5:E1

    Gregg Wallace is in Stoke on Trent, at an enormous cherry bakewell factory where they produce 250,000 little tarts every day. He follows the production of cherry bakewells, from the arrival of 27 tonnes of flour right through to dispatch. Along the way he learns what makes a shortcrust pastry `sh...

  • Episode 2 - Wax Jackets
    Dokumentar, Forbruker, S5:E2

    Gregg Wallace is in South Shields at a clothing factory where they produce 650 waxed jackets a day. He follows the production of water-resistant jackets from the arrival of 500 metre long rolls of undyed cotton through to dispatch. Along the way he sees the fabric dipped into baths of wax heated ...

  • Episode 3 - Croissants
    Dokumentar, Forbruker, S5:E3

    Gregg Wallace is in France, at an enormous croissant factory where they produce 336,000 of the flaky pastries every day. He follows the production of croissants from the arrival of 21 tonnes of butter right through to dispatch.

  • Episode 4 - Mattresses
    Dokumentar, Forbruker, S5:E4

    Gregg Wallace is in Leeds, at an enormous mattress factory where they produce 600 bouncy beds every day. He follows the production of pocket sprung mattresses from the arrival of hard steel right through to soft bedding heading out of dispatch.

  • Episode 5 - Xmas Party Food
    Dokumentar, Forbruker, S5:E5

    Gregg Wallace heads to Nottingham to a factory which makes 200,000 canapés every 24 hours. Meanwhile, Cherry Healey discovers failsafe scientific methods for cooking the perfect turkey, and historian Ruth Goodman finds that, while bringing mistletoe inside at Christmas time goes right back to Pag...

  • Episode 6 - Pasties
    Dokumentar, Forbruker, S5:E6

    Gregg Wallace is in Cornwall at an enormous bakery where they produce 180,000 Cornish pasties a day. He follows the production of the pastry snacks from the arrival of two tonnes of swedes right through to dispatch.

  • Episode 7 - Pots and Pans
    Dokumentar, Forbruker, S5:E7

    Gregg Wallace is in France at an enormous foundry where they produce a cast iron pot every five seconds. He follows production of casserole dishes from the arrival of 20 tonnes of crude iron right through to brightly coloured orange pots.

  • Episode 9 - Liqueurs
    Dokumentar, Forbruker, S5:E9

    Gregg Wallace is in Ireland at an enormous liqueurs factory that produces 540,000 bottles a day. He follows the production of cream liqueur from the arrival of maize to make Irish whiskey right through to dispatch of the finished liqueur.

  • Episode 10 - Cereal Bars
    Dokumentar, Forbruker, S5:E10

    Gregg Wallace is in Essex at an enormous cereal bar factory, which produces 400,000 fruit- and nut-packed treats a day. Gregg follows production from the arrival of two tonnes of macadamia nuts all the way through to dispatch.