Dokumentar, Dyr

Världens natur: Primaternas planet


Ett team filmar de unika strategier, beteenden och sociala band som olika primater använder för att säkerställa deras överlevnad i naturen.

Sesonger og episoder

Sesong 1
  • Sesong 1
  • Episode 1
    Dokumentar, Dyr, S1:E1

    I första avsnittet ska vi se hur gorillahanen vinner på att vara öm och omhändertagande.

  • Episode 2 - Family Matters
    Dokumentar, Dyr, S1:E2

    They have the most complex social lives of any animal group on the planet. From dusky leaf monkeys who compete to babysit an infant to gibbons who learn dare-devil treetop acrobatics with their playmates, friends and family are at the heart of primate life. In the Amazon we meet a female spider m...

  • Episode 3 - Protecting Primates
    Dokumentar, Dyr, S1:E3

    Today, more than half of the world's primates are under threat of extinction. Now they need our help. Meet the scientists making groundbreaking discoveries about this remarkable animal family, and the dedicated people going to extraordinary lengths to safeguard their future. Only by truly underst...