Project Greenlight


Filmmakers are given the chance to direct their first feature film.

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Sesong 4
  • Sesong 4
Sesong 4
  • Episode 1 - Do You Want to Direct This Movie?
    Dokumentar, S4:E1

    Narrowed down from thousands of submissions, thirteen finalists arrive in Los Angeles to meet with the 'Project Greenlight' judges - Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, executive Jennifer Todd, producer Marc Joubert, producer Effie Brown, HBO's Len Amato, and the Farrelly brothers. As the judges discuss the...

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  • Episode 2 - Going Rogue
    Dokumentar, S4:E2

    With two months until production begins, Effie, Marc and Len try to convince Jason that digital is the only way to keep the project on schedule and within budget. Meanwhile, instead of moving forward with the original 'Project Greenlight' script, Jason pitches his own script: a dark comedy called...

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  • Episode 3 - Gun to Your Head
    Dokumentar, S4:E3

    After filling key production-staff roles, Effie brings in the location manager to choose some LA-area mansions, but Jason thinks none of them match his creative vision. Meanwhile, the production team begins casting the lead roles, and Pete Farrelly and Effie butt heads about Jason's continued res...

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  • Episode 4 - Duly Noted
    Dokumentar, S4:E4

    In the wake of Effie and Pete's fallout, the Farrelly brothers consider their place in the project. Jason takes his digital concerns directly to Ben, much to Effie's dismay, and faces a decision between extra shooting days and shooting on film. Meanwhile, the search for a perfect location continu...

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  • Episode 5 - Picture's Up
    Dokumentar, S4:E5

    As production begins, Jason is eager to take charge, but finds his penchant for perfectionism conflicting with the tight shooting schedule Effie is vigilant about maintaining. The crew raises communication concerns during Len's first visit to the set. With the deadline winding down to get the sig...

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  • Episode 6 - Hot Ghetto Mess
    Dokumentar, S4:E6

    Pressure mounts as Jason and the crew get ready for the film's most expensive scene thus far: a wedding rehearsal dinner to be shot during a few short hours at dusk. The production team also begins preparations for last shoot of the film, a complicated and potentially dangerous car-crash scene. T...

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  • Episode 7 - Accident Waiting to Happen
    Dokumentar, S4:E7

    On the final day of shooting at the house, the production team grows increasingly frustrated that Jason has not chosen a location for the car-crash scene. Later, Jason meets with the stunt coordinator to map out the crash logistics. During the last night of filming, Jason gets words of encouragem...

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  • Episode 8 - Hug and Release
    Dokumentar, S4:E8

    Season Four Finale. With filming wrapped, Jason gets notes on his director's cut of the film, and, on Ben's suggestion, screens it for a test audience. Though resistant to some of the feedback, Jason looks to make fixes during reshoots - and works round the clock with the editor to get the final ...

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