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8.5IMDb1999 • 25 min

Daisy Steiner and Tim Bisley meet by chance and hatch a plan to pose as a couple to rent an apartment.

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Sesong 2
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Sesong 2
  • Episode 1 - Back
    Sitcom, S2:E1

    A government agency pursues Daisy on her return from holiday and a confrontation occurs; Tim has a new flatmate.

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  • Episode 2 - Change
    Sitcom, S2:E2

    Marsha is looking for a new roommate after Amber decides to move out; Tim and Daisy brave a trip to the D.S.S.

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  • Episode 3 - Mettle
    Sitcom, S2:E3

    Brian gets invited to do an installation at an art gallery; Sabotage threatens Mike and Tim's chances of winning "Robot Wars."

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  • Episode 4 - Help
    Sitcom, S2:E4

    Daisy unknowingly jeopardizes Tim's career by slipping a demeaning drawing into his portfolio; Daisy and Marsha decide to get fit.

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  • Episode 5 - Gone
    Sitcom, S2:E5

    A night on the town for Tim and Daisy turns into a fight for survival when they are faced with an old enemy.

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  • Episode 6 - Dissolution
    Sitcom, S2:E6

    Marsha still thinks that Daisy and Tim are an item, so when she sees Tim kissing someone else, she tells Daisy later that night.

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  • Episode 7 - Leaves
    Sitcom, S2:E7

    Daisy, Tim, Mike and Brian hatch a plan to find Marsha after they find out she is selling the house; Sophie is offered a new job.

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