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The Last Tycoon

7.7IMDb2016 • 61 min

Monroe Stahr goes up against his father figure and boss, Pat Brady, for the soul of their studio.

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Sesong 1
  • Sesong 1
Sesong 1
  • Episode 1 - Pilot
    Drama, S1:E1

    Monroe Stahr goes up against his father figure and boss, Pat Brady, for the soul of their studio.

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  • Episode 2 - Nobody Recasts Like Monroe
    Drama, S1:E2

    Monroe's personal life heats up as he pursues Kathleen; when Pat Brady's pet project has a devastating debut, he must accept Monroe's help; Hackett gives Celia an education on her role as producer.

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  • Episode 3 - More Stars Than There Are in Heaven
    Drama, S1:E3

    Pat Brady proves his worth as a studio head in pursuing film star Margo Taft; Monroe must manage two demanding bosses; Rose seeks a change; Celia forms a connection with Max Miner; Monroe and Kathleen's relationship blossoms.

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  • Episode 4 - Burying the Boy Genius
    Drama, S1:E4

    The death of Irving Thalberg sends shockwaves; Monroe risks his relationship to save a movie and Brady American; Celia's adjustments to Hackett's script are well received. Rose buries herself in volunteer work.

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  • Episode 5 - Eine Kleine Reichmusik
    Drama, S1:E5

    To hide a secret agenda, Stahr organizes a Hollywood party; Brady courts Margo Taft; Stahr's public happiness and Brady's public philandering bother Rose; Celia and Lang's partnership turns provocative; a visitor from Vienna intrigues Hackett.

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  • Episode 6 - A Brady-American Christmas
    Drama, S1:E6

    Stahr encourages Kathleen to join Lang's secluded rehearsal; Brady hopes for a miracle to help boost ticket sales; Kathleen must pay a price for stardom; Rose helps Kitty prepare for a risky surgery; tragedy brings Celia and Max closer together.

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  • Episode 7 - A More Perfect Union
    Drama, S1:E7

    Brady hatches a bold business ploy that ends up having consequences; Kathleen struggles to manage her web of dishonesty; Celia and Max test their relationship boundaries; Hackett takes a stand.

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  • Episode 8 - An Enemy Among Us
    Drama, S1:E8

    Stahr devises a campaign to secure nominations; Brady searches for a solution to balance the books; Celia's vigor as a producer is tested by Lang's demands; Kathleen plots an escape from her dangerous charade; Rose makes a shocking discovery.

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  • Episode 9 - Oscar, Oscar, Oscar
    Drama, S1:E9

    Brady makes a drastic decision to save the studio which causes a rift in his relationship with Stahr; deception causes a fallout between Monroe and Kathleen; Rose forges a new path in life; Hackett has a proposition for Hannah.

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