Barneprogram, Drama

The Lodge

6.2IMDb2016 • Storbritannia

Tenåringen Skye drar til familiens sommerhotell for første gang på lenge og får vite at faren har planer om å selge det. Hun blir forskrekket og er fast bestemt på å stoppe salget.

Sesonger og episoder

Sesong 2
  • Sesong 1
  • Sesong 2
Sesong 2
  • Episode 1 - I Choose You
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E1

    Skye faces the repercussions of her choice, a rift between Ben and Sean now evident. Noah and Kaylee learn how to function apart, and Danielle seeks a partner to share her recent discovery.

  • Episode 2 - Partners
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E2

    Skye and Sean make an effort to act like a couple, Sean invites Skye round for dinner. Ed meanwhile is interviewing new candidates at the Lodge and one girl in particular, Alex seems to have the edge. At music school Kaylee and a girl in her class Frankie have started writing a song together. Fra...

  • Episode 3 - Help
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E3

    Ben and Danielle are still trapped in the cave and call Sean for help. Skye and Sean are shocked to see them together. Is Skye jealous? Before being rescued Ben and Danielle discover an old metal box in the cave. Is it a clue to the gold? Frankie has taken Kaylee to meet a slick music producer Re...

  • Episode 4 - Call Me
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E4

    Skye has the difficult task of showing Gil around the Lodge. Keen to do something more active with Sean, Skye suggests the two of them train for an Enduro biking event. Having called the number in the old mobile phone, Ben decides to tell Skye about the map and the gold. Josh meets Kaylee at musi...

  • Episode 5 - Mystery Guest
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E5

    Skye is called away from the mystery having to train with Sean for the Enduro, who suspects her mind is elsewhere, possibly on Ben. Kaylee comes back to the lodge and is eventually reunited with Noah. She decides not to take up Rebecca’s music contract offer while Kyle and Aaron come up with the ...

  • Episode 6 - The Last Dance
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E6

    A dance-off to raise money for the fine, and ultimately save the Lodge, is left perilously close to not hitting its target. Alex is unmasked as having a personal stake in the mystery and (for us only) Danielle, it appears, holds the only remaining clue. Kaylee makes a tough decision to stay at th...

  • Episode 7 - I'll Huff and I'll Puff
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E7

    After Skye's failed in her attempts to raise the funds, Gil now plans to knock the lodge down. Skye barricades herself in her old room in protest, soon joined by Sean, Ben and her friends. Danielle also shows up and reveals she kept the mysterious box. As Skye and co finally leave the building ho...

  • Episode 8 - No Hard Feelings
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E8

    Can anything be done to stop the North Star from being bulldozed? Skye meets with Danielle and Alex to go over the mystery, finding clues that seem to lead to an island called Solus. Kaylee manages to conquer some of her stage fright but discovers Frankie has stolen her song while Sean, Ben and N...

  • Episode 9 - Under New Management
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E9

    All is changed at the North Star. Sean comes to the aid of his parents and instantly deals with a wedding planner looking for a potential venue. Ed is now working for Gil, and Skye is bike training. Kaylee calls Frankie and accuses her of stealing her song while Skye, Alex and Danielle prepare to...

  • Episode 10 - Storm
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E10

    Skye, Danielle, Alex and Ben travel to Solus island in search of the next clue. After finding sanctuary from a storm in a mysterious cabin, Ben finally has an opportunity to declare his feelings for Skye. Danielle has a confession of her own to make. The morning after the storm, Skye goes off to ...

  • Episode 11 - Taking Sides
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E11

    Skye returns from Solus Island to be told Live at the Lodge has won an online award and Gil wants her to accept it in person. Alex questions Ed about the mysterious photo, Noah and Kaylee discover Frankie will be singing at the Enduro and Ben and Danielle briefly discuss what happened on the isla...

  • Episode 12 - Hard to Say No
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E12

    Skye and Sean compete in the Enduro qualifier together and manage to finish in a respectable time. However, after a rival team suffer an injury Sean is offered the chance to join them... Rebecca and Frankie arrive at the Enduro to check the venue and are confronted by Kaylee, will Frankie do the ...

  • Episode 13 - Distant Relations
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E13

    Having discovered that she and Alex are related, Skye, along with Alex and Danielle decipher the second clue and need to gain access to the lodge to search for it right under Gil's nose. After an argument about Frankie, Noah and Kaylee go on an unofficial date and soon patch up their differences,...

  • Episode 14 - Finish
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E14

    The Enduro final sees Ben and Skye come up against Sean and new racing partner Jess. Who will win the day? At the big Enduro concert Frankie is given the chance to come clean in front of the live audience. Kaylee finally gets a chance to perform her song but will anyone like it? The results of th...

  • Episode 15 - The North Star
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E15

    With the final clue solved, Skye and her friends head off to an old abandoned observatory in search of Gold. Noah has a surprise for Kaylee – but she has a big surprise of her own that could change the future of the Lodge forever. Sean has been selected to go a national biking tour and Ben has so...

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