The Wire

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Vi følger draps- og narkotikaavsnittet i politiet i Baltimore i deres daglige kamp mot kriminalitet. Denne rå og realistiske serien fortelles både fra politiets og fra de kriminelles perspektiv.

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Sesong 5
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Sesong 5
  • Episode 1 - More With Less
    Krimdrama, S5:E1

    Sgt. Carver faces discontent of unpaid officers; Mayor Carcetti struggles with keeping a campaign promise; Proposition Joe and others meet to discuss dividing drug frontiers across East Baltimore's county line.

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  • Episode 2 - Unconfirmed Reports
    Krimdrama, S5:E2

    Marlo takes care of some unfinished business and strikes a business deal with Barksdale; Mayor Carcetti's chief of staff searches for good news; frustrated McNulty decides to take matters into his own hands.

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  • Episode 3 - Not for Attribution
    Krimdrama, S5:E3

    The press learns of Carcetti's plan for the police department; Marlo turns to Proposition Joe for help with a problem; McNulty shares some inside information with Gutierrez.

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  • Episode 4 - Transitions
    Krimdrama, S5:E4

    Campbell tries to facilitate the transitions in the police department; the newspaper scrambles to confirm surprising news from City Hall; Proposition Joe prepares to make himself scarce.

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  • Episode 5 - React Quotes
    Krimdrama, S5:E5

    Marlo forges an alliance with a drug connect; the newspaper gives McNulty increasing attention; Elena confronts him about his behavior.

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  • Episode 6 - The Dickensian Aspect
    Krimdrama, S5:E6

    Templeton makes headlines; Bunk follows up on old leads; McNulty takes an interest in the homeless.

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  • Episode 7 - Took
    Krimdrama, S5:E7

    After an unexpected call, Templeton and the newspaper find themselves back in the spotlight; McNulty receives unwanted attention.

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  • Episode 8 - Clarifications
    Krimdrama, S5:E8

    Bunk returns a favor; Carcetti must make political deals; Haynes approaches Templeton about his sources.

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  • Episode 9 - Late Editions
    Krimdrama, S5:E9

    While Freamon's hard work pays off with a promising lead, McNulty is not in the mood to celebrate; Michael is suspicious about his latest assignment; Bubbles recounts a recent temptation.

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  • Episode 10 - - 30 -
    Krimdrama, S5:E10

    Carcetti maps out a damage-control scenario; McNulty asks Landsman to pull police off the homeless case; Haynes' concerns about Templeton fall on deaf ears; Dukie seeks out an old mentor for a loan.

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