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  • Episode 1 - Uncommon Beginnings
    Mote, Reality, S3:E1

    Kristin's business is booming, with brand new Uncommon James offices, a wildly growing staff, and massive plans for expansion; Brittainy's work life's going great, but her relationship with Stone is on the rocks.

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  • Episode 2 - Out With the Old
    Mote, Reality, S3:E2

    Kristin heads to Chicago to meet up with her friend Biegs and check out spaces for a potential second UJ store; finding out if she's going to get her dream space or not, however, has her on edge.

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  • Episode 3 - Crystal Clear
    Mote, Reality, S3:E3

    Kristin still mourns her failed friendship with Kelly; Brittainy is newly single, but is shocked when she is late getting her period and fears that she might be pregnant with Stone's baby.

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  • Episode 4 - Home Wasn't Built in a Day
    Mote, Reality, S3:E4

    Kristin heads back home to Chicago to visit her mom and check on the progress of her new retail store; time is ticking and Kristin wants to launch the store, but the contractors are unsure if they can meet her demands.

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  • Episode 5 - Work/Life Balance
    Mote, Reality, S3:E5

    As her company grows, Kristin struggles to find a work-life balance and feels pressure to take a step back, while Jay has his sights set on bringing some mini donkeys to the farm; Justin begins to fear the leap from L.A. to Nashville.

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  • Episode 6 - Just Like the Old Days
    Mote, Reality, S3:E6

    Kristin takes off to Mexico for her first ever Uncommon James National TV commercial shoot with Brittainy, Pip and Jack; Heidi and Audrina fly to Nashville to reminisce about their time on "The Hills," and try to figure out who they can trust.

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  • Episode 7 - Red Carpet Ready
    Mote, Reality, S3:E7

    Kristin embarks on another trip to Los Angeles for the Emmys, bringing Jay along as her LaLa Land sidekick; Stone resurfaces in Brittainy's life, causing her to question everything about her new relationship with PJ.

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  • Episode 8 - Roughing It
    Mote, Reality, S3:E8

    Kristin and Jay take their friends on a camping trip; Jay is at home in the wilderness, while everyone else feels like a fish out of water; Brittainy makes a serious error at the office, which quickly spirals into a major issue for Uncommon James.

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  • Episode 9 - Ciao Bella!
    Mote, Reality, S3:E9

    Kristin travels to Tuscany to get in touch with her Italian roots and meet long-lost relatives for the first time; Jay tags along as well, making plenty of time for romance; in Nashville, Brittainy attempts to move on from Stone once and for all.

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  • Episode 10 - Read Between the Wines
    Mote, Reality, S3:E10

    Kristin and Jay's friends show up in Italy and bring the party with them; the crew embarks on a wine-fueled romp through the Italian countryside; conflict erupts when a drunken Justin starts flirting with another man.

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  • Episode 11 - New Store, New Chapters
    Mote, Reality, S3:E11

    The stakes are high as Kristin launches her second retail store in Chicago; it's a huge moment for Uncommon James, and Kristin needs every detail to be absolutely perfect; after an emotional year, Brittainy struggles to find direction in her life.

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