YG Future Strategy Office

7.1 IMDb2018 • Sitcom

YG Entertainment has formed a new department called the future strategy office, where many of the company's troublemaking artists and misfits have been sent; K-pop star Seungri has been chosen to serve as the head of the fledgling department. This mockumentary-style sitcom follows Seungri as he tries to lead a team of bumbling staff members who are working to regain their place in the company as it finds itself in the midst of a crisis.

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  • Sesong 1
  • Episode 1 - Family Day
    Sitcom, S1:E1

    On his first day as the new adviser for YG Entertainment's Future Strategy Office, Seungri asks fellow BIGBANG member Daesung for help with an event.

  • Episode 2 - Clean YG
    Sitcom, S1:E2

    For Seungri's "Clean YG Week," WINNER members undergo extensive drug tests, while Byung-jae and Jai-jin go on a walk for awareness across the country.

  • Episode 3 - Music Business
    Sitcom, S1:E3

    YG’s reach expands beyond K-pop to TV, sports and food, but Seungri insists on focusing on music. Park Bom's surprise appearance gives him an idea.

  • Episode 4 - Plan B
    Sitcom, S1:E4

    Believing that iKON members are slacking off after their recent success, Seungri plans to whip them into shape by facing them off with rival idols.

  • Episode 5 - Financial Problem
    Sitcom, S1:E5

    Seungri's ramen business is thriving. In contrast, FSO's funds hit rock bottom, so he decides to raise money by giving YG tours for Japanese fans.

  • Episode 6 - Big Crunch
    Sitcom, S1:E6

    When FSO makes yet another mistake, everyone gets demoted to different teams, while Yang Hyun-suk personally sends someone to work with Seungri.

  • Episode 7 - Dark Knight
    Sitcom, S1:E7

    While trying to help Seungri with his new solo album, FSO employees make a series of bad decisions, causing a power outage in the company building.

  • Episode 8 - New Face
    Sitcom, S1:E8

    Seungri and his entire FSO team gather for their farewell party. The incidents that led up to their parting unfold through a flashback.